Host a "Coffee with your representative"

Love to be in the thick of action? Have lots of friends in your neighborhood? Use your gifts of hospitality and love of people to host a gathering so others can meet Cherlynn and share your dreams for Kentucky!

Knock on Doors

Love to meet people AND be on-the-go?  Stay active and social by canvassing neighborhoods and spreading the word about Cherlynn!  We will provide the routes and information


Distribute Yard Signs

Distribute yard signs and/or proudly display Cherlynn’s campaign yard signs in your front yard!  This is a great way to be loud and proud without talking.


Make Phone Calls

Use your best radio voice (or just talk normally) and tell people about Cherlynn’s voice for Kentucky! Get the word out from the comfort of your own home!


Mail and Administrative Support

This is a great fit for varying periods of time and flexible scheduling.  What happens within the office, matters outside the office!