Cherlynn works to fully fund public education as the best investment we can make in Kentucky's future.  Strong public education is key to successful economies and communities. Cherlynn fights for universal Pre-K and affordable college to support families and create a more robust workforce.



As the daughter of a teacher, Cherlynn stands firm behind the notion that a pension is a promise.  Our pension system isn't broken, but rather underfunded. Kentucky's public employees and first responders deserve legislators that fight for their futures. Cherlynn does just that.



Cherlynn strongly believes that healthcare is a basic human right. She works to ensure all Kentuckians have access to quality, affordable healthcare.  This includes addressing the mental health crisis, the opioid crisis and legalizing medical cannabis.


Raising Revenue

It is past time for Kentucky to have comprehensive tax reform.  Kentucky needs a fair and equitable tax code that ends corporate giveaways and closes loopholes.  In addition to changes in our tax laws, we need new, dedicated streams of revenue like expanded gambling, sports betting, promoting tourism and medical cannabis.


Renewable Energy

As your State Representative, Cherlynn supports laws that facilitate the boom in renewable energy and create green jobs. She also supports entrepreneurial innovation and challenges businesses to engineer ways to reduce our carbon emissions.